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Why You Need To Embrace Slow Productivity: Professor Cal Newport

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Rates of burnout are higher than ever before, and continue to head in the wrong direction. We have more inputs in a week than many people had in a lifetime 100 years ago. We have prehistoric brains in a futuristic world. So what's the answer? Professor Cal Newport argues that we need to embrace slow productivity. Instead of getting lost in busy-ness, and 'pseudo-productivity', we need to slow down and prioritise quality.

We discuss the importance of doing fewer things to allow for deeper focus and better psychological, economic and creative outcomes. Saying yes to too many things leads to 'administrative overload'. Toiling at maximum capacity simply reduces our ability to make an impact. Cal shares tips on how to say no effectively, create time in your schedule, ways to reduce your cognitive load... and so much more.

My book Champion Thinking: How To Find Success Without Losing Yourself draws on some of my favourite interviews over the last six years. In it, I seek to challenge our ideas about 'success', and where peace, joy and fulfilment are truly to be found.

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'This book will challenge your thinking on what success truly is and will give you tools to "succeed" in life in the truest sense of the world. This is definitely not just another book about sport and those who happen to be good at it' -- GOLDIE SAYERS

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