A New Way of Being

A New Way of Being

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Episode notes

A New Way of Being is about recognising that we are all innately enough. Most of us don’t always feel that way, but it’s an illusion largely created by identifying with the outdated voice in our heads.

And so much stuff out there, including much of the so-called high performance culture, comes from a place of inadequacy. If we are not enough as we are, of course we will expand vast amount of energy trying to BECOME enough in the future. But that’s a trap. We cannot become what we already are, and the search obscures this recognition.

Does this mean we become passive, lazy, indifferent and don’t look to do big and important things in the world? Of course not. But crucially the intention is different. We are not seeking to prove our worth. We are choosing to express it. It’s a whole different energy and way of being.

So, I have decided to bring all my platforms under one banner - A New Way of Being. So that’s my podcast, YouTube and Substack newsletter. The final chapter of an epic trilogy of rebrands! The podcast started out as Don’t Tell Me The Score on the BBC, using sport to explore life’s bigger questions. Those episodes are still in the back catalogue, so tuck in. Then onto Life Lessons – broadening the scope from just sport.

Time for a new way of being, don’t you think?

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