Apolonia Rockwell Show / Mind. Body. Safety. with Bec Corvin of ProTect-All Solutions (Pt. 2)

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Episode notes

In this episode, Apolonia again talks with Bec Corvin, who is responsible for Safety and Leadership Development at ProTect-All Solutions. A safety and leadership company that specializes in building relationships and reducing risk through strategically developing an organization’s culture, ProTect-All Solutions has locations in Houston and Pittsburgh.

To learn more about the work Bec Corvin is doing, visit https://www.mindbodysafety.org

Topics that Bec and Apolonia discuss in this episode:

* The need to further the conversation on “unseen hazards” like anger, stress and solutions to those hazards

* The early stages of companies investing in employee services like counseling, and the future of safety programs

* Tips for implementing mental health programs, uniting safety culture with workplace culture

* Normalizing proving counseling for workers as a part of safety and risk management

Thanks so much to Bec Corvin for being a guest!

Connect with her: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bec-corvin-31650683. Learn more about ProTect-All Solutions: https://protectall-usa.com.

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