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BONUS EPISODE! Wanderlust: Off the Page - the Unparalleled Beauty of Easter Island

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Episode notes

In this special bonus episode I share a new podcast I am producing and co-presenting. It's called Wanderlust: Off the Page, which is the audio addition to one of my favorite travel magazine on the planet. Wanderlust is all about intrepid destinations, authentic cultural experiences and taking the road less traveled ...  which I know you guys love too.

This new show is designed to help you discover the most fulfilling travel experiences on the planet! From culture and history to nature and wildlife, we're going to be taking you behind the scenes of the magazine to go deeper into our favorite destinations and meet the travel writers, experts, and personalities who will bring our stories to life.

Hosted by founding editor Lyn Hughes and special features editor Rosie Fitzgerald, this episode explores the unparalleled beauty of Rapa Nui, or Easter Island. 

Award winning travel writer Shafik Meghji discusses with Aaron Millar the flourishing indigenous culture, the story of how the island was settled, and the experience of exploring such a remote place. 

Check it out, I know you're going to love it!

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