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Outlandish: Walking into Europe's Hidden Landscapes with Acclaimed Travel Writer Nick Hunt

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Episode notes

Follow acclaimed travel writer Nick Hunt on a journey to walk Europe’s outlands – a piece of arctic tundra in Scotland, a primeval forest in Poland, a desert in Spain, the vast grasslands of the Hungarian steppe. These are outlandish places; wild, remote and untamed; places that shouldn’t exist, but they do.

Like portals in our imagination, these anomalies transport us to faraway regions of the planet. They show us secrets, hidden aspects of our world that would hitherto go unnoticed. They give us glimpses into deep time, and our place in it, and show us, perhaps, the future yet to come. More than anything, they make our world seem larger, stranger and filled with wonder – and that is what great adventures are all about. Get ready to walk among Europe's hidden landscapes ... 

Who’s the guest?

Nick Hunt is a beautiful, thoughtful writer and this is a book you will want to savor. It’s called ‘Outlandish: Walking Europe’s Unlikely Landscapes’ and you can find it anywhere you get your books. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

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