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In this episode:

00.20: Sarah shares her story of how she started with journaling for her mental health after being diagnosed with an underactive thyroid

04:30: What benefits of journaling did Sarah notice after she made journaling a habit?

08.20: What Sarah found when she started researching the benefits of journaling further

13.00 How journaling can bridge the gap to going to therapy - if therapy isn't readily available or if you don't feel ready for therapy yet

15.45 How journaling engages both the left and right side of the brain and why this is important

17.00 How can you get started with journaling for your mental health

18.30 How you can take a more structured approach to journaling with Sarah's downloadable CBT Journal

20.00 things you can do to enjoy journaling more

21.00 How journaling can help you get more out of your therapy sessions

23.00 What is the CBT Journal and who is it for?


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