Ask The Therapist / Emotional Resilience with Martina Witter

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Episode notes

We talk about -

2:20 Martina's journey to being a therapist
5:27 Coping with being a therapist
7:41 Connecting on a human level
11:25 Niching and being more you
13:25 Resilience
14:36 Navigating the storms of life
15:11 Why resilience is so important
16:40 The importance of routine
19:00 Reflecting on successes
22:25 Locating yourself and self-awareness
25:35 Journaling for awareness
26:28 Emotional intelligence
27:09 Things that Martina finds helpful to build resilience
28:47 Brain health and healthy change
30:07 What would Martina say to her 15 year old self?
32:45 Martina's new course - Rivers to Resilience

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