Ask The Therapist / What Is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and How Does It Work?

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In this episode:

0.20 Sarah introduces Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and gives an overview of what it means, how it works and what mental health conditions it can be helpful for

2.30 How do we know Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is so effective?

3.00 How much does Cognitive Behavioural Therapy focus on the past? What does Cognitive Behavioural Therapy actually focus on?

4.45 Why your relationship with your therapist is so important and how to choose the right therapist for you

5.50 What is the aim of having Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?

7.00 What is your first Cognitive Behavioural Therapy session going to be like? How can you prepare for your first therapy session?

8.55 How many therapy sessions do you need?

11.40 How often should you have therapy sessions?

12.30 What is your therapist thinking about and looking for during your sessions?


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