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Brand Mbappe takes the throne

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Episode notes

Mark Chapman & The Athletic's Matt Slater host a roundtable on the reasons and ramifications of La Liga filing a complaint to UEFA, the French administrative courts and the European Union over Kylian Mbappe's decision to renew his contract at Paris Saint-Germain despite Real’s attempts to sign him.

Their guests are Christian Nourry Managing Partner at RETEXO a sports analytics firm that uses data to match owners to prospective football clubs & works with clubs to market their players more effectively to clubs seeking players with similar characteristics plus David Diaz, a partner at Baker McKenzie Madrid who has extensive experience in sports law in football. He regularly advises Spanish and foreign clubs on the legal aspects of their operations. He also has extensive experience in advising foreign investors with a potential interest in the game.

The panel also touch on the takeover of Chelsea - is it a deal that makes financial sense? 

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