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169. Speaking Secrets of 6-Figure Entrepreneurs

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Episode notes

Knowing the secret entrance into a hidden world will save you years of learning and trial and error.

Speaking is one of the most powerful ways to build visibility, confidence, and authority for your business and personal brand. However, many entrepreneurs struggle to break into the speaking circuit, especially when starting out.

In this episode, I'm pulling back the curtain on the mysterious world of professional speaking. I'll share 5 proven secrets to land your first gigs, command top dollar, and get booked again and again.

Here's what you'll discover:

  • The biggest mistake that keeps new speakers stuck in free gigs. Learn how to package your value and command the fees you deserve.
  • Why your warm network is the perfect place to refine your talk and get comfortable on stage before branching out.
  • The 3C's formula for crafting compelling talks that audiences love and meeting planners book over and over.
  • How nailing the 3R's during and after your talk leads to referrals, rewards, and re-booking for more gigs.
  • The surprising mindset shift that builds unshakable confidence to present your message powerfully.

This insider knowledge will help you fast-track your success as a speaker. No more guessing about how to get started - I'll provide a clear roadmap and strategies you can implement right away. Get ready to inspire audiences and profit from your expertise!

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