Becoming The Community CEO

By Roberto Candelaria - Partnership & Profit Strategist | Speaker | Author
The Becoming the Community CEO Show is for community leaders, entrepreneurs, and CEOs who know they want to build a highly engaged and profitable online community without sacrificing connection or their values.

Because the truth is, most leaders already know that connecting and collaborating with others who "get it" would help them become stronger and more intentional leaders. They get that powerful engagement and growth strategies could make a difference in how their community interacts and flourishes. And, they are ready for even more proven monetization strategies to bring in income to help sustain and monetize their community — they just need the ideal products, programs, and partnerships to make it happen.

It’s time to join a community of leaders who are eager to make the journey with you, and you’re in the right place to learn this, and more! Hosted by Roberto Candelaria, we’ll explore conversations around community building, partnerships, leadership, and profits together. The core areas to becoming the Community CEO.

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