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Andrew Neil, veteran broadcaster discusses politicians as presenters, PSB and his future

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Andrew Neil, the former Sunday Times editor has become arguably the best political interviewer in the business, someone whom Boris Johnson and Liz Truss were desperate to avoid. This week we’re talking to the man who spent 25 years at the BBC presenting programmes such as This Week, Sunday Politics, The Daily Politics, and Politics Live.  Andrew Neil then left the corporation and became the lead presenter and chairman of GB News, but not for long. After only 8 programmes he left.  Due to cuts at Channel 4 his current 'Andrew Neil Show' has been cut for at least this year. We discuss public service broadcasting, left wing bias, impartiality, GB News and plans for the future. 

"A serving Conservative politician interviewing a Conservative government minister I'm actually surprised. It has surprised me how tolerant Ofcom has been of this kind of stuff. Certainly, when I was involved in trying to put together GB News it never struck me that Ofcom would allow that sort of thing to happen. Indeed, I always regarded Ofcom as something of an ally and keeping us within the bounds of proper mainstream broadcasting.”

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