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Episode notes

Members! We have a treat for you. Lots of you have been loving Joe Marler on the Breaking 100 episode earlier this week, so we are bringing you an extra slice of Beef, when our chairman appeared on The Joe Marler Show podcast last year. They talked about Beef's experiences as a tour pro, the time he accidentally threw a golf ball at a kid and the idea of the collared vest was born. It's well worth a listen...

Each week on The Joe Marler Show, Joe and his co-host Tom Fordyce are on a mission to learn about absolutely everything. They speak to ordinary people about the amazing jobs they do, as well as unbelievable people with fascinating stories, who teach them mind blowing facts you never knew existed. They've had prison workers, astronauts, lifeguards, athletes, drugs traffickers, chefs and many more. This is the podcast you need for your pub chat ammunition... enjoy.

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