Bioscope Brasse / Bioscope Battle - Coming to America (1988) vs Coming 2 America (2021)

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Mornings! 2oscope Brasse are back with a brand new Bioscope Battle. It's Eddie v Eddie as we decide which Coming to/2 America is better. One thing's for sure, you're gonna lus for a McDowell's Big Mick (TM) (don't come at us McDonalds) once we're done. We discuss our tattoo aspirations, the correct pronounciation of bendadadict cumberderbatch, Rudy Guiliani's reaction to "that" scene, whether we get nervous when walking out of a shop, the correct use of "cow-people" and our thoughts on the Concrete Cowboy and Godzilla v Kong trailers. We also share some bad news (damn you Avatar) and Ross tries to get Jody to Tik his Toks. Shot for Listening!
00:00 It starts here.03:05 Benedict Cumberbatch to star as WW2 magician.06:42 Rudy Guiliani trying to get Borat 2 crew arrested.09:32 Concrete Cowboy trailer.11:34 Godzilla v Kong trailers possibly spoiling ending.15:04 Avatar reclaims global box office.18:31 The Bioscope Battle starts here!1:10:27 Shout Outs

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