Bioscope Brasse / Godzilla vs Kong

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Hello, good morning. We know we're a bit late, we just had some better things to do until now. This week we bring you a battle, at the Bioscope! We review the epic rol/bots/fight that is Godzilla vs Kong. We also forget that we're recording, help you to achieve your dreams and do some sponsorship outreach. In the news we discuss Marvel's poor communication skills, the real reason Space Jam was made, where you see the Looney Tunes now, the proper way to end sentences in Australia, how Samuel L. Jackson and Laurence Fishburne look nothing alike, Jody makes a fool out of Ross, and we demand they release the #thebuttholecut. Shot for listening!

00:00 It starts here.03:31 Sebastian Stan finds out he's still with Marvel through a friend at Comic Con. 07:33 Space Jam 2 Trailer.18:27 Sam Neil and Jeff Goldblum spotted in Australia Mate (YC).20:37 How Samuel L. Jackson got cast in Pulp Fiction.22:56 Adam Wingard directing Thundercats28:58 Godzilla vs Kong Review. 39:54 Spoilers start here!1:14:50 Shout Outs

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