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Episode notes

Hey hey hey, the Brasse (and Abi) are here today! Mornings and afternoons peeps. The Brasse get right into it in this episode and remind people that this is a mens' rights show (kidding, or are we?). We reminisce about that 1026 lady (the Telkom time lady) and Jody's loneliness as a child. We get really hyped for the Matrix trailer and discuss the inevitable Matrix and Fast and Furious crossover (Smith Family). Ross shares our trade secrets and we talk about the uncanny resemblance between Danny Devito, Arnie and Tracy Morgan. We try to remember whether Jody liked Coming 2 America and have a heritage discussion about the klopse. Christopher Nolan visits Ross at work and declares his love for BBP while not forgetting how pissed off he was at WB. The inevitable Christopher Nolan and Fast and the Furious crossover is pitched. The Dude kicks cancer's ass man, that bra is ready to work! We remind you that Rambo and the Taliban were tight way back in the day. The Brasse also explain the origin of "Stock Fish" while comparing it to snoek. We do some Quick Reviews to keep ya'll up to date on what's Kwai and what's naaaai. We end off with an in depth review of the Netflix produced film Kate. We not evens lying, this is a fun episode. Shot for listening!


00:00 It starts here

02:03 The Matrix Resurrections Crailer! (For the best effect put the trailer on while listening to us)

10:05 Ross gets lost and frustrated

11:12 Twins sequel, Triplets is in the works.

15:07 Abi makes a bold choice and coloured culture.

16:52 Christopher Nolan leaves WB

21:50 Jeff Bridges kicks Cancer's ass

23:42 Tarantino thinking of remaking Rambo

31:15 Quick Reviews!

31:48 Vacation Friends

33:48 Snake Eyes

36:20 Kate review starts here

47:20 Spoilers start here

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