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Episode notes

Sup yo! What's up with this weather hey? (Insert comment on how warm/cold it is). We start off our latest episode with a very special announcement. No spoilers, but it's exciting news. Ross then tells us what he's wearing (hint, it repels herpes). We get into the lawsuits being brought against Disney and get a definitive answer from huge ackman on whether he'll still be Wolverining it up. We break down the trailers of Venom 2 and Dune, have some Flash movie updates and end up spazzing on Michael Keaton. The Frasersance continues gathering momentum (yay!) and we have a scientific discussion on what would win in a battle of liquid v gas. Somehow the Snyder cut fans get in the news again (double you tea eff) and we end off by telling ya'll about how greedy Marvel and DC are. We then do a review on Disney's Jung-le Cruise. Will it be kwai, or naaai (nah)? Shot for listening!


00:00 It starts with a Special Announcement

04:34 It really starts here

06:25 We get into the news

06:27 Disney getting sued by Scarlett Johansson and others

12:23 Hugh Jackman answers Wolverine question

15:27 Venom 2 Trailer discussion

20:28 Dune Trailer discussion

22:57 Benjamin Affleck returning as Batman

24:50 The Frasersance continues

27:52 Liquid vs Solid

31:32 The Snyder Cut fans review bomb Suicide Squad

33:14 Marvel (and DC) pay comic book writers/creators very little money

37:55 Jungle Cruise review starts here

46:43 Spoilers start here


Spoilers start here!





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