Bioscope Brasse / Space Jam (1996) vs Space Jam (2021)

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Hello Everyone! Sjoe, it's about that time again. These weeks be going quick sticks hey. Our news segment makes its triumphant return this week. Filled with news about old men (both alive and not), casting news for Indiana Jones 5 (River's not returning) and Jackie Chan's political ideals and the impact he has on women. Mark Wahlberg continues his efforts to make us forget (we wont) and we get majorly disappointed at our childhood heroes being asshats. We reminisce about the Tiger King phenomena and break down how Disney don't give no damns about the cinemas in the US. We compare SA's vaccination rollout with China's and then we get into a BBB (Basketball Bioscope Battle)! Shot for listening


00:00 It starts here

00:51 It actually starts here

03:17 We get into the news.

03:47 RIP Richard Donner

05:37 Indiana Jones 5 updates

08:16 Jackie Chan joining the CCP

10:12 Mark Wahlberg gains 40lbs for Stu

13:31 Nicholas Cage no longer attached to Joe Exotic project

15:52 Black Widow has major drop off in second week at office

19:51 The Bioscope Battle starts here!

59:00 Spoilers start here!





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