Bioscope Brasse / Zack Snyder's 4 Hour Justice League

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Yo yo yo! There ain't no Cut like a Snyder cut cause Zack Snyder's 4 Hour Justice league movie just doesn't stop! The movie is legit 4 hours long, but never fear, the Brasse have got your back. In this episode we do NOT defend sexual predators. We also talk about Mortal Kombat wanting to be the best fight movie ever made, the Russo Brothers new Netflix project, we think about getting naked (again), the hazards of looking for Easter Eggs or theorising on all Marvel content, The Snyder Cut Review and also reminding ya'll of Ezra Miller's chokiness. Shot for Listening!
00:00 It starts here02:10 Mortal Kombat's high aspirations04:47 The Russo Brother's new film Grey Man starting production. 08:20 Kevin Feige denies Chris Evans returning rumours.10:34 Zack Snyder's 4 Hour Justice League Review (Spoiler Free)30:42 Spoilers start here! (Everyone dies)1:14:25 Never forget1:14:39 Shout Outs

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