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The Mitchells vs The Machines

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Episode notes

You ever get that thing where you check a thing that you didn't know is a big thing and get surprised by that thingy? We had that this week! Tenuous intro aside, hi! Wow do we have an action-packed episode for you. We break down the latest Marvel Phase 4 trailer and do a deep dive on all the news relating to the MCU phase 4. Ross and Kumail are apparently on a first name basis now, Marvel also introduces their svelte new villain, Black Panda and we talk about the proper use for tears. Curated families ain't cool man and Tom Cruise is trying to escape dudes! We introduce you to a new life motto (everyone steals from everyone). Ross commits sacrilege by accusing the Naweek of joke theft. Dom likes Dungeons and Dragons (not sexually). Donald Glover is our favourite Simba chips flavour and Paddington 2 is now the best movie ever according to RT. This episode is a roadtrip of note, so get your padkos and let's go!!! Shot for listening!


00:00 It starts here

01:12 It actually starts here

02:23 Marvel "See You at the Movies" trailer

26:30 Horizon Comics sues Marvel for copyright infringement

30:40 F9 to include origin story for Dom. Car auditions are a thing apparently.

35:30 Donald Glover gets deal to write and produce 3 movies.

39:07 Citizen Kane loses its 100% fresh rating

43:39 The Mitchells vs The Machines review

54:03 Spoilers start here

1:18:10 Shoutouts






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