Updating Social Sharing Images from Podfollow

One of the things we thought was really important when creating podfollow was making sure there were excellent images for social sharing.

If you post your podfollow link on Facebook, Twitter and other sites, a lovely image will show up:

Social image from the Space Programme.

Initially we take the image for your podcast channel from the RSS feed, create a background and pick a colour for our ‘Listen & Subscribe’ text.

When you update your podcast image in the RSS feed, the podfollow system should update too. If it hasn’t yet, you can click re-check RSS feed to push it through.

Alternatively, if you’ve claimed your podcast, you can upload a manual image for your main podcast logo or upload your own social sharing image.

Sometimes, though, we get an email to support saying that it’s not showing up as the social sharing image yet in Twitter or Facebook. Often this is because those social sites cache the old sharing image. They generally update over 24hrs or so, but you can speed up a change.

With Facebook, their Sharing Debugger feature allows you to get Facebook to re-spider a site and see any new metadata, including a sharing image. Just paste your URL in and click Debug. You may need to click ‘scrape again’ to get the new image to show up.

On Twitter, you can use their Card Validator. Whilst it doesn’t automatically update an image, we find that pasting your URL in there, can speed up what Twitter shows for your URL.