Bob & Jeremy's Conflab

By Bob Morrell and Jeremy Blake

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Step into the Conflab with us, Bob & Jeremy, lifelong friends since our days at drama school in 1991. With over two decades of experience running a successful sales and management training business together, we bring a wealth of insights and anecdotes to the table. 


Launched during the lockdown of June 2021, Bob & Jeremy’s Conflab gives you fresh perspectives on business, life, and everything in between. Join us as we share stories and observations from our extensive travels, training, and conference appearances across the globe. From thought-provoking discussions on topics we think it’s important to be concerned about to light-hearted banter that’ll make you laugh, we cover it all, giving you the insights and helping you to consider what to do differently or change.


Whether you’re listening as you multitask at work, unwinding at home, or out and about, we record each episode to bring a smile to your face and perhaps you’ll discover things you didn't know about the world of business or the human race. 


We work with organisations of all sizes, from the largest of corporations to the most ambitious start-ups, through our company, Reality Training –


Featuring original music by Charlie Morrell. 


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