The Breakup Monologues with Rosie Wilby / Celebrating Singledom - with Helen Thorn, Francesca Specter and Juliet Meyers

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Episode notes

To launch this brand new season, Rosie investigates and celebrates singledom. She speaks to Scummy Mummies podcaster Helen Thorn, who found herself suddenly single after twenty-two years of marriage just as the U.K. went into lockdown. Helen entered a sort of ‘separation boot camp’, filled with sad songs and sneaky fags at the back of the garden, in the absence of being able to hug friends. But she revelled in the liberation of reclaiming the house, spending quality time with her children and discovering, via online flirting and dating, that her sex drive had suddenly gone through the roof. Rosie also chats to author and podcaster Francesca Specter, who has coined the word Alonement in order to reclaim solo time as a joyful and precious thing a million miles away from loneliness, and to happily long-term singleton comedian Juliet Meyers.  You can now follow The Breakup Monologues on Instagram