The Breakup Monologues with Rosie Wilby / The Future of Breakups - with Mia Levitin, Shazia Mirza and Lola Phoenix

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Episode notes

Rosie investigates the future of breakups. She speaks to author of The Future of Seduction and cultural critic Mia Levitin, who re-entered the dating game after divorcing in her thirties... and found that dating really had become a game. They discuss ghosting, the paradox of choice, video dating and robot companions. Rosie also chats to award-winning comedian Shazia Mirza about the near-future possibility of taking an ‘anti-love drug’ to forget a bad breakup and how long-term relationships are impacted by a pandemic. Finally she speaks to creator of the blog and podcast Non-Monogamy Help, Lola Phoenix, about how polyamory changes the conversation about breakups and how asexuality fits into the contemporary relationship landscape. 

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