The Breakup Monologues with Rosie Wilby / How to Move On - with Laura Kay, Sam Pamphilon and Terri White

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Episode notes

Rosie investigates how to move on (or not) after trauma. She speaks to author Laura Kay about her novel The Split and the real life breakup experiences that inspired it, whether we need travel discounts for the newly broken-hearted, the nuances of queer endings and why she thinks the aftermath of a separation is a good time to make big life decisions. Rosie also chats to actor, comedian and writer Sam Pamphilon about what happens when you and your ex stay living in the same house and how to cope when your ex’s new partner is wearing your pants and driving your car. Finally she speaks to Empire magazine editor and author Terri White about moving on from the traumatic experiences she describes in her memoir Coming Undone and the intense, dramatic relationships we sometimes find ourselves having at chaotic times in our lives.

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