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How the pandemic has affected new mums and their children

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Many of us can only imagine how difficult it was to have a baby during the global pandemic lockdowns. As parents, we’re still feeling the aftermath of that with all of our kids, but what was it like to be a new mum unable to get out and about with your baby? And what effect has that had on our little ones?

Today Zoe is talking to Birmingham mum Priya Chauhan who had a baby and a toddler during lockdown and Davinder Jandu who is headteacher at Yarnfield Primary School in Tyseley, who talks about how she has seen the impact of the pandemic on children starting school.

They both share their experiences and the positives that have come out of that and they offer a myriad of tips for mums and dads who can see that the pandemic has impacted on their children’s lives.

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Hosted by Zoe Chamberlain
Produced and edited by Matt Millard