Challenges That Change Us / 4 {Dave Ballard} Returning to action after an injury

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Episode notes

Welcome to episode 4 of Challenges =That Change Us, which will be quite different to the others.

Every few episodes I will be taking to an expert in their field about challenges they see on a daily basis and get some great tips for you in this space.

Today’s podcast is with the legendary Dave Ballard, aka Classy.

He is currently the Head Of Performance for the Bronco’s and is also my business partner and helped found the company Tri-Altitude Performance.

He has 17 years experience in the sporting industry and has working with the dragons, the knights, the reds and now the bronco’s.

For this episode Classy and I talk about mindset around returning to play or the gym after injury.

Through the episode Classy will share:

-      His career and just the ups and downs and experiences he has gathered

-      How different people respond differently to injuries

-      The importance of having direction’

-      His cool strategy for ensuring a player has prepared properly to return

Key Quotes

“Some people love detail and are goal focused, and the other person just wants day to day, don’t want to look too far ahead”

“It’s having the conversations and dealing with the person based on the style of person they are”

“You need to be consistent in what you’re doing with your rehab if you want it to work or with pretty much anything in work.

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