Challenges That Change Us

35 {Morgan T Nelson} Dream out loud - anything is possible

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Episode notes

Trigger warning: suicide, depression and substance abuse.

This episode is all about what comes after the challenge.

At 19, Morgan T Nelson found himself in a toxic work and life situation that resulted in substance abuse and a suicide attempt.

Shortly after he vowed to turn things around and reached financial freedom at the age of 23.

Now he’s a business owner, international speaker and podcast host and is hell bent on spreading his message.

In today’s episode Morgan shares:

-      How a traditional upbringing and job led to his darkest moments

-      How he turned things around and the steps he took to reach financial freedom

-      The 4 pillars he things everyone should live by

-      His 3 mentors and inspirational figures in his life

Key Quotes

“I’m going to focus on where I’m going in life and what I want to create and I’m going to double down on that.”

“Where you are right now has nothing to do with where you can get to.”

“Money is a result, your health is a result, your lifestyle is a result is based off of the beliefs the attitude and the values we have.”

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