Challenges That Change Us / 3 {Sarah Hayles} How to be you and harness your inner critic

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Episode notes

Welcome to the third episode of Challenges That Change Us, today’s episode discusses medical testing, the waiting game and the inner critic.

Physical challenges can hit us at any stage and one of the many hurdles that can come with these is how we feel others will perceive us afterwards.

Sarah Hayles is the host of All Things Small Biz podcast. Sarah is a mum, a career woman and an incredible entrepreneur who made it to the top in a very male dominated industry.

She is a qualified engineer, has worked internationally, has managed joint ventures all over the world and has negotiated 9 figure business deals.

However she is now playing in the space of running her own business. West of The Waves, All Things Small Biz and E-Commerce with Sarah Hayles.

But when she was younger she suffered a physical injury after some routine surgery.

In today’s episode Sarah shares:

-      The traumatic process of being stuck in the ‘waiting game’ of medical testing when there is no clear answer

-      How dealing with her physical injury caused her to change how she handled friendship imbalances

-      How she approaches helping her children understand her physical injury as a lesson in kindness

Key Quotes

“Validation is not going to come from someone else outside of yourself”

“I’m the only person who can make my kids ok with that and it’s how I deal with my injury that is going to teach them how to be, how to do, how to act, how to support, how to care”

“If I was the one having to make 70% of the effort, well I stopped making an effort because I was going through a really traumatic time and if people weren’t prepared to put in 50% then I wasn’t able to do it”.

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