Challenges That Change Us / 8 {Brody Lee} Rising from the ashes

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Episode notes

**Trigger Warning**

Today’s episode discusses suicide, sexual assault, drug addiction, depression and anxiety.

This may not be the right time or the right episode today. Give yourself permission to skip this episode and we will see you next week.

If you find that this material concerns you or you ever need some health, reach out to Lifeline on 13 11 14.

In today’s episode we’ll be talking about hardship, recovery and success.

This episode’s guest is Brody Lee, a good friend of mine and an incredible person.

After working through drug addiction, suicide attempts and a lot more trauma, Brody now runs Beyond Impact, an organisation that helps businesses scale up with events.

In today’s episode Brodie shares with us:

-      How repeated therapy helped him uncover deep trauma from his childhood

-      The drug addiction, near suicide attempt and repeated trauma he suffered through

-      The moment his mother appeared at his drug dealers front door and how it helped save him.

Key Quotes

“Whatever you are facing right now, judging on history, you are going to survive”

“I don’t think I experienced pure unadulterated joy from the age of 6 until 31”

“At the end of the day, I’d forgotten who I was”

“I don’t see it (the trauma) as a dagger above my head, I see it as a fire under my arse.”

“My trauma was hanging around my neck like a noose and I didn’t know it was there.”

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