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29 {Andrea Wildenthal Hanson} Live your life, not your diagnosis

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Episode notes

In previous episodes we have discussed long term illness, but this week we are getting specific by talking to Andrea Wildenthal Hanson about the challenge she has faced in living with Multiple sclerosis.

Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2000, Andrea coaches people to become their own wellness guru. Andrea combines her experience from five years of life coaching and 16+ years of living well with MS to teach people how to create a customized approach to health that includes life balance, mindset tune-ups, and stress management so that they can feel like they're back to normal and in control of a life they love.

In today’s episode Andrea shares:

-      The negative way professionals introduced her to how she would live with MS

-      How MS affected her relationships and how she managed that

-      The coping strategies she developed for moving beyond her diagnosis

Key Quotes

“When your diagnosed you’re in such a vulnerable place”

“Kindness and acceptance of myself comes from maturity and part of it comes from how necessary it is.”

“What are the little things that I’ve gotten used to, that I say to myself all the time, that actually aren’t that nice?.”

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