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33 {Suz Greig} Life post acquired brain injury

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Episode notes

Trigger warning: brain injury and trauma

This is an extra episode that we have released just to thank you all for listening.

Today’s guest is Suz Greig, an amazing friend and an incredible woman who was rushed to hospital after her car was found wrapped around a tree in 1996.

She suffered an acquired traumatic brain injury and the doctors told her family she would never walk, cycle, work or live independently.

What followed was an incredible journey of recovery.

In today’s episode Suz shares:

-      The story of her accident and how she acquired her brain injury

-      The odds she faced to succeed at any level of recovery

-      The steps she took and what helped her on her journey

Key Quotes

“When somebody says to me they’re over stressed I say you're over alert.”

“The negotiation that requires most attention is the negotiations I have with myself.”

“I’ve worn bullet proof vests 6 times and been held at gun point 3 times.”

“Become the author of our story not the narrator of our story.”

“So many people think if they're experimenting it will go wrong, but there is no wrong.”

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