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34 {Jess Galvin} When your child has a longterm mystery illness

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Episode notes

We’ve spoken before about the horrifying experience of being in limbo when the medical industry cannot give you a diagnosis.

Imagine what it’s like when that happens to your new born baby.

In this week's episode I’m speaking with my close friend and incredible mother, Jess Galvin.

After having her first child, Jess and her husband were delighted when their daughter Lucy was born, apparently happy and healthy.

However things quickly changed when small symptoms appeared to indicate there could be other complications.

As the medical establishment repeatedly dismissed her concerns, Jess had to push further and further before anyone would even acknowledge that something was wrong with her baby. But even when they did eventually admit their was a basis to her concerns, that was just the beginning of her family’s incredibly long and difficult journey

In today’s episode Jess shares:

-      The first signs she noticed there might be complications with her daughter’s health

-      The incredibly long journey they have been on to treat her illnesses

-      How this challenge has impacted her family

-      The lesson she learnt about using alcohol to help

Key Quotes

“She said, the good news is it’s not brain cancer.”

“She said, she has veins on the left hand sign of her brain in excess.”

“Trust your gut…you just gotta keep pushing and pushing. Mums really do know.”

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