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32 {Allan Parker} An expert negotiator’s advice on challenging conversations

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Episode notes

Sometimes one of the greatest challenges can be our interactions with other people. Settling disputes, overcoming inter-personal conflict or just reaching a compromise can often be anxiety inducing events.

That’s why today’s episode will be highlighting advice on how to navigate these experiences with the help of Allan Parker.

Allan Parker OAM is a Micro Behavioural Scientist and Negotiator.

Allan usually introduces himself as an eccentric Micro-Behavioural Neuroscientist, International Negotiator, and Educator.

He works as a negotiator/facilitator of large-scale multi-party negotiations and disputes. Within government and private organisations, he trains in negotiation, dispute prevention and healthy considered conversations.

Allan has presented, facilitated, and moderated in over 60 different countries around the world and has had participants from 192 countries in his audience at one time at the United Nations-World Investment Forum.

In 2020, Allan was a recipient for the Order of Australia Medal for his contribution to business and dispute resolution

In today’s episode Allan shares

-      His journey to becoming a professional negotiator

-      How some negotiations required him to be held at gun point and wear a bullet proof vest.

-      His opinion on how stress and over alertness are connected

-      The 3 styles of negotiation (including the ones we don’t use but should)

Key Quotes

“When somebody says to me they’re over stressed I say you're over alert.”

“The negotiation that requires most attention is the negotiations I have with myself.”

“I’ve worn bullet proof vests 6 times and been held at gun point 3 times.”

“Become the author of our story not the narrator of our story.”

“So many people think if they're experimenting it will go wrong, but there is no wrong.”

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