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37 {Brenda Denbesten} Wrongly accused and sent to prison

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Episode notes

Trigger warning: Drug crimes and false arrests

This episode is a story that took me completely by surprise and had my jaw absolutely on the flaw.

Our guest is Brenda Denbesten, a chemical engineer with over 15 years' experience in the mining and manufacturing industries, and a Women in STEM advocate and driver for change

Brenda is a best-selling author of ‘the FIFO wives tale’s’ and creator of 'Chronicles of a Female Engineer', a YouTube series that demystifies what an engineer does plus how to get ahead in traditional and male dominated fields.

But one day, years so, nearly saw everything she had worked towards snatched away when she was confronted by police about a crime she did not commit.

In today’s episode Brenda shares:


-      The wild story of how she was used and left to take the fall for a crime she didn’t commit

-      Her dealings with the Australian justice system

-      The lessons she learnt from overcoming this enormous challenge

-      Her advice for anyone else who has gone through similar trauma

Key Quotes

“We've all got a unique purpose on this world and the more we copy others you're only dimming down the reason you are on this earth.”

“Your past doesn’t determine your future.”

“The next minute I knew I was getting hand cuffed and being put in the back of a paddy wagon.”

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