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066 Is This the Real Key to Habit Change?

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Episode notes

We all promise ourselves we’re going to do certain things, make a good start and then find that our good intentions have fallen by the wayside in no time at all. It can often leave us wondering what’s wrong with us. Is it the lack of willpower? Is it because we don’t have enough time? Is it because we weren’t focused enough? Is it because we didn’t find the right diet or fitness programme or trainer? 

It’s none of this and there is nothing wrong with you. It’s all about your nervous system and about creating safety so you can create the healthy new habits you want to.

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

- How to be more resilient to tiny stressors

- How to make more space in your brain to take positive actions

- Why you are spending too much time on high alert and how to stop it

- How to stop taking the easy route, the one that is familiar but it’s not serving you any more

- Seeing action or inaction as what it actually is

- What’s really going on with your nervous system and your life

- How to put yourself into the right state for your brain to accept change

This stuff is absolutely vital if you truly want to make a change. You have to stop piling more to do’s. Focus on spending more time in a place of calm and safety and I promise you - after you’ve allowed yourself to rest a little bit, you’ll find that you have reserves and resilience that you didn’t even think you had.


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