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057 How Changing Up Your Identities Can Skyrocket Your Success

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Episode notes

Our identities shape our view of the world, the way we approach challenges, the way we interact with others and how we perceive our potential. We have certain identities around our worth, what we can achieve, what we like and don’t like, what we do and don’t do. Sometimes, when we try to upgrade our habits or achieve our goals, something invisible seems to hold us back. In this episode, we’ll talk about what’s going on and why, and I will offer solutions which can shift your identity to help you make fitness and wellness a more important part of your life.

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

- How to become aware of your identities

- How to allow yourself to do certain things

- How to tune into your identity around fitness, wellness and your own worth

- Reflect on why and where you might have picked up your identity and whether it is true or it’s just your perception

- How to decide on the new identity you want to create for yourself

It’s important that we start to dig deeper and understand better our own identity and how that’s shaping the things we experience in our lives. This process takes time and it can be uncomfortable and even emotional, but that’s okay, because when it feels like that, you know that there’s some stuff beneath there that needs to come out.


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