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047 My Weight GAIN Journey and Where I'm at Right Now

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Episode notes

Talking about weight gain is really hard, because so many of us are fearful of it. And I personally have spent years trying and failing to fit into that tiny box of what is acceptable to look like as a fitness professional. I'm a woman who has had the same body image struggles, the same negative thoughts about herself that you have had. That’s why in this episode I’ve decided to share my story with you.

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

- How we've been conditioned to fear gaining weight and not being in control

- Why dieting almost always causes rebound

- How to focus on other things in life than to waste your energy thinking about food all day

- How to slowly create a more relaxed relationship with food and with your body

- Learning to accept that what we have is good enough because loving your body 100% isn’t actually possible

- Are the effort, frustration and hunger actually worth it?

My journey to being happy with my body will continue. It will continue to have its ups and downs, but  I'll keep working on it every day, and so can you. 


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