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062 The Summer Sessions: Looking After You All Summer Long

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Episode notes

Summer offers us an opportunity to take extra good care of ourselves. The light, the sunshine and hopefully some holiday time are the perfect opportunity to take some time out and relax both body and brain. The more time we create for self-care, the more calm and productive we are the rest of the time. When we don’t prioritise this, it can feel like the wheels are coming off!

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

- The importance of a bit of diary management

- How the things you say to yourself are as much self care as bubble baths

- How to look at your relationship with ‘busy'

- How to start doing things for yourself in a way that feels doable

- How to make sure that the self-care habits that you pick up now can be carried into the autumn

The reason why we should start with self-care in August is that we have a bit more space  this time of the year to focus on ourselves. Start with a couple of small steps and you can build on those steps when you’re ready. Even 5 minutes a day can make a difference!


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