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063 The Summer Sessions: Meditation Special

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Episode notes

I started meditating a couple of years ago, and now it’s a regular fixture in my life. Meditation helps you slow down and find some calm and peace. It can also help you process your thoughts and feelings. In this episode, I’m going to encourage you to welcome meditation into your life with a simple 10-minute meditation.

Before we start, just a couple of prep tips. Try to find a quiet and relaxing space. Do not try to clear your mind, as your thoughts and emotions will come and go, just let that happen.

10-Minute Meditation Steps:

- Start to settle yourself, make sure you’re comfortable

- Close your eyes and focus on your breath

- Breathe in calm, breathe out tension

- Let your body release and melt away tension and stress

- Focus on how you’re feeling

- Remind yourself that you deserve this time and attention

- If your mind wanders, very gently bring it back to the breath

- Let your attention go for a minute, and then bring it back to the breath

- When you’re ready, open your eyes and take a deep breathe

Keep enjoying meditation and adding it into your life. There is a collection of meditations and visualisations in the ChickFit Members Club, so when you come and join us, you’ll have access to those to further your practice.


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