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Episode notes

I have a theory that feeling good isn’t as easy as it seems. Many of us have to learn how to feel good because our default is to feel anything but good most of the time. That’s why we keep going back to more stress by saying “yes” too often, and why we don’t exercise even though we know it will make us feel good. The fact is that feeling good takes training.

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

- How to stop sabotaging yourself and sliding back into your old habits

- The importance of having someone to catch you when you are sliding or tempted to stop doing what feels good

- How to be aware of your patterns and the way you limit yourself

- Using what you’ve learned to approach things differently next time

- How to train yourself to feel good and learn what that feels like, while feeling safe at the same time

The aim is not to feel good all the time, but to feel good more of the time. We weren’t put on this planet to feel bad, too stressed, too busy or too anxious. We are all allowed to feel good and we are all allowed to seek the things that are going to make that happen.


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