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046 Simple Strategies to Make Nutrition Work for the Whole Family

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Simple Strategies to Make Nutrition Work for the Whole Family

Getting your kids to eat good, nutritious food can feel hard sometimes. They go through fussy phases, maybe for years at a time. And while you're trying to get healthy food into them, they're resisting it with every fiber of their being. 

In this episode I’m joined by Sophie Ricard, a nutritionist who has made it her mission to help make sure that kids get the nutrition they need, while making it easier for us parents. 

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

- The biggest roadblocks for parents when it comes to getting healthy food into their kids

- How to break down the eating process into simple steps

- The best way to start dealing with the situation in which your child is always asking for sugar

- The mindset of balance and varied food vs. the mindset of good versus bad

- How to shift the food that your kids are eating from packaged to homemade

- How lunch boxes with different sections can help to introduce variety into meals

- How to worki with your child’s preferred foods

Every child is unique. It's all about figuring out what they need to make the next step, and what you need as a parent to start getting more healthy nutrition into your kids without it being too stressful. 


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