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048 Are We (really) Sabotaging Ourselves?

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Episode notes

Have  you ever thought that you’re self-sabotaging? I know that I have. Whether it's sabotaging my attempts at weight loss or exercising more, or achieving certain things in my business, I’ve had a lot of times in my life where I’ve told myself that self sabotage is the exact reason that I’m not getting where I want to go. Maybe we feel like it’s some kind of weakness in our personality and a lack of willpower, but self sabotage is more than that. It suggests that we are actually actively working against ourselves.

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

- What is self sabotage

- The main reasons for self sabotage and how to go through trying to change too much all at once, self soothing or restricting

- How to make friends with your emotions because that is the only way to respond correctly to self sabotage

- Stop assuming that self care is for others because it’s necessary for you too

Try to think about self sabotage as an act of self preservation. Though we feel like we're actively trying to destroy all of the good stuff that we've worked towards, what we're trying to do is to look after ourselves. It is in fact our body and our brain’s way of looking after us and trying to help us. 


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