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051 Why You Can't 'Hate' Yourself into Change

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Episode notes

I’ve lost count of the women who have come to me over the years telling me that they don’t like what they see, that they feel uncomfortable, that they want to feel like their old selves again. I can’t stand by and let us keep beating ourselves up, waiting to become a better version of ourselves. In this episode, we’re going to dive into why we use ‘hate’ to try and force ourselves into change, and how we can rethink and create a kinder, more gentle way to approach our fitness, nutrition and overall wellbeing.

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

- Why we use hate to motivate ourselves into change, and how to stop feeling frustration and hatred for ourselves

- How to accept your body rather than hate it, punish it, push it and mould it into something you believe it’s more acceptable

- How to start to reframe and treat yourself with more respect, including the language you use to talk to yourself

- Ask yourself: what hating yourself can possibly bring to you?

If we hate something, we are not likely to show it much love and attention. Everything will feel hard and like a punishment, and it will just perpetuate the negative mindset. The negativity is going to lead to inaction rather than action. That’s why you need to reframe and think about how to look after yourself and all the positive wonderful things you are doing for your body.  

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