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049 Can Our Thoughts Really Shape Our Reality? With Jayne Hughes

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Episode notes

Mindset work is an important part of my life. I realised that if I kept thinking about things in the same way, I would keep getting the same results. If I wanted to change that, what I needed to shift was not trying out new actions, but actually going to the root of it all. 

In today’s episode I am joined by a wonderful health coach Jayne Hughes. She is not only busy running her own health coaching business, but she is also a health coach inside my ChickFit Members Club, offering all of her expertise to my members, particularly around nutrition and habit change.

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

- Why having a coach is a good idea and how the coach brings awareness to your mindset work

- Why affirmations, visualisations, journaling and quiet time important for your mindset

- How to distract yourself from feelings that are like a wild caged animal in your body

- Why it’s so important that we work on our thoughts before we work on our actions

- What a thought ladder is

At Home Practice

1. What is the circumstance that you’re struggling with?

2. What thought are you having about that circumstance?

3. What feeling is that creating in your body?

4. What actions are you taking from that place and what is the result of those actions?

Doing this practice should very clearly show you how the thought you're having is creating the result that you're getting, because it's creating a feeling which is making you take those actions. Once you become aware of this, you can start to change those thoughts to change how you’re feeling and ultimately create a different action, which is going to serve you better.


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