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054 Making Your Menstrual Cycle Work For You

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Episode notes

Do you tend to think of your period as something that works against you? Do you get annoying symptoms, mood swings, pain, a lack of energy, a lack of willpower? In this episode I’m going to try to change your mind about that. The annoying symptoms will continue to exist, but there is amazing potential that you can harness within your menstrual cycle. I’ll help you understand its ups and downs and recognise your mood and energy change throughout the cycle so you can make it work for you!

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

- What’s going on with your hormones throughout your menstrual cycle

- How to organise your month better and take advantage of the three stages of your menstual cycle

- Stage 1 – Start of your period: time to slow down, plan, self-reflect, be at home, look after yourself, gather your energy and be creative.

- Stage 2 – Middle of your cycle: sociable, confident, good time for being with others and doing things that require confidence. It’s also a good time for more moderate intensity training and endurance work.

- Stage 3 – Moving towards the period: desire to nest, be at home more, focus on finishing things off, more simple tasks. This is a good time for walking, stretching and generally lighter activities.

These stages are going to differ from person to person. The best thing to do is start tracking your mood and energy levels throughout the month for a couple of months. See where you can identify these different stages and that will allow you to start making a plan that serves you better, both for your work life and your workouts.


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