Comedy Club 4 Kids Presents: Radio Nonsense / Why Do They Play Rubbish Music In Shops? With Tim Fitzhigham

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Tim Fitzhigham answers an important question from Kino, aged 7 and also ponders on jazz flutes, owning chickens and viking music. Plus this week's intro and outro are a crossover with the Comedy Club 4 Squids! WE NEED YOUR QUESTIONS! SEND THEM IN TO: [email protected] GROWN UPS: IF YOU CAN BUY US A COFFEE/KEEP COMEDIANS ALIVE RIGHT NOW PLEASE DO SO HERE: YOU CAN ALSO HEAR TIERNAN ON THE SUPER GREAT KIDS STORIES PODCAST HERE: Website: Twitter: @ComedyClub4Kids Facebook: PopJam: ComedyClub4Kids Hosted by Tiernan Douieb. Music by Paddy Gervers. Design by Cal Prendergast.

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