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Star Wars: Spoiler-Free Book Review – Brotherhood By Mike Chen; That Business On Cato Neimoidia – A Clone Wars Era Novel

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WHAT WAS THAT BUSINESS ON CATO NEIMOIDIA? It’s time for another spoiler-free book review and this one is about the recently released Brotherhood by Mike Chen! Set in the first few weeks of the Clone Wars (just after Ep II: Attack Of The Clones) this story delves into the shift in Anakin & Obi-Wan’s relationship once Anakin is promoted from padawan to jedi while also dealing with crisis on Cato Neimoidia (as mentioned in Revenge Of The Sith) plus this book introduces a Clone Wars character, shows what Padmé & Anakin are like when aware from prying eyes as well as much more!

In more detail, Mike begins by confirming where he book sits in the timeline and provides some background information to the book before providing his spoiler-free thoughts on the book. Mike then gives his thoughts on the themes & characters which features some minor spoilers, Mike then finishes his review by providing more-detailed thoughts on the book and confirms the general plot.

Brotherhood was released May 10th 2022. Mike Chen also wrote the short story Disturbance from A Certain Point Of View (Empire Strikes Back) and the non-Star-Wars book Light Years From Home.

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