Comics In Motion / Star Wars: Comics In Canon - Ep 65: C-3PO Meets Vader, Luke Meets A Force User And Han & Leia Dance (Star Wars #68-72)

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Mike embarks on the penultimate issues of the 2015 main Star Wars run of comics; Rebels & Rogues! In this story Luke wants to distract some imperials, but gets entangled with another force sensitive person, Han & Leia head to Lanz Carpo; a planet near Coruscant to try and frame it’s leader and Chewbacca & C-3PO venture to a planet of “rock people” and Darth Vader is right around the corner…

Also in Mike’s outro, he does a Palpatine impression, so be warned about that!

This story is set before Empire Strikes Back, around 1-3 ABY.

All issues were written by Greg Pak, with Phil Noto as the artist and colour artist. Issue 68 was released July 2019, issue 72 was released October 2019 and the trade paperback collection was released November 2019.

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