Comics In Motion / Star Wars: Comics In Canon - Ep 74: Vader’s Castle Immortal & The Sith Mask Of Momin (Darth Vader [2017] #19-25)

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FORTRESS VADER IS UPON US! Yes, the finale of Mike’s favourite Star Wars comics ever (as of recording this) comes to an end with Vader creating his immortal castle on Mustafar with the help of the Sith Momin to try and open up a portal to Padmé all while fighting off native Mustafarians and many other hurdles along the way in this exciting finale! In addition, Mike provides information on many other Jedi that appear in this comic, the history of Mustafar and more!

This story is set just approximately 5 years after Revenge Of The Sith (14BBY). The writer for these comics was Charles Soule, Giuseppe Camuncoli was the penciller, Daniele Orlandini was the inker and David Curiel was the colour artist for all issues excluding issue 20. Dono Sanchez-Almara was the co-colour artist on issues 20, 23, 24 & 25 and Erick Arciniega was co-colour artist on issues 20 & 25.

Issue 19 was released August 2018, Issue 25 was released December 2018, the trade paperback collection was released August 2020 and the full omnibus of the 2017 Vader comics is due to be released November 2021.

Mike tackled the first three volumes of 2017 Vader in ep 62, 66 & 70 of SWCIC. For the 2015 Vader run (set after A New Hope), check out episodes 15, 17, 19, 23 & 29 of SWCIC, plus ep 41 features the Vader: Dark Visions anthology mini-series and ep 49 is the Target Vader mini-series.

Charles Soule wrote the High Republic novel Light Of The Jedi as well as the following SW mini-series; Rise Of Kylo Ren (in ep 1 of SWCIC), Obi-Wan & Anakin (ep 11) and Lando (ep 18).

Check out the last episode of SWCIC where Mike embarked on the first volume of the 2020 main Star Wars run, set moments after the end of Empire Strikes Back where Luke searches for his lost lightsaber, so heads back to Cloud City with Leia & R2-D2, plus Lando returns searching for an old friend, all while the group evade the pursuing Empire! Mike goes through the plot & gives plenty of details to other connections including the Pathfinders, Ugnaughts, Weequay and more!

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